Our Services For Women

What is North Ayrshire Women’s Aid?

A confidential service that provides information, support and temporary accommodation to women and their children who have experienced domestic abuse.

We work with you, at your pace and on your terms. We know that making the first step is really hard. We won’t make a judgement if you decide to stay. We will stick by you even if the going gets tough.

Your Next Step

Make an appointment to discuss your options.

Have a look through the website to see if what we offer can help you. Please read our web safety feature to help keep you safe and remove obvious evidence that you have visited our website. You can press the quick escape button at the top of the page if you are interrupted on any page, this will take you to Google to help cover your tracks.


A refuge is a place where women and children who want to escape domestic abuse, can stay. It is a place where women can have time and space to make decisions free from fear and pressure. Our refuges are not like “hostels”. Most are self-contained flats, and the others have communal living spaces/kitchens but with en-suite private bedrooms. All the women and children living in Women’s Aid refuges have also experienced domestic abuse.

You can refer yourself to a refuge directly without having to contact someone else to do it for you although some women are referred to Women’s Aid by agencies such as the police, social work etc.

Our public offices and one of our flats are accessible for wheelchair-users and and we have resources available for women who have hearing and sight impairments.

The refuge flats are comfortably decorated with good facilities. Some of the rooms are suitable for a woman coming on her own, others accommodate women who come with their children.

While living in the refuge you would go about your daily life, for example taking your children to school, shopping, work etc. There is a secure door entry system but you will have your own key so you can come and go as you please.

There are some rules in place to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all women, children and young people living in bur we will talk to you more about this if you access refuge.

Workers are available during office hours to offer support and information ie legal, housing, benefits, and we also have an on-call service which operates 24 hours a day so refuge residents can always contact a worker in an emergency.

When you arrive at refuge there will be some forms to fill in and workers are available to support you with this. There are also regular refuge meetings when all women living in refuge come together to discuss any issues about living in refuge. Women are also offered individual times for support.

Some women only stay in refuge a few days, others stay for a longer period of time while they wait to be re-housed.

When women and their children move on from refuge to their new homes, they will continue to be supported by our Outreach team.


Our outreach team offer support to women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. Some may have been in refuge but have returned home or recently re-housed, others may never have been in refuge but benefit from some support. This could be emotional or practical support such as filling in forms, accessing furniture, contacting local agencies and contacting utility suppliers.

We run a number of groups for women who would like to meet up with other women going through, or who have been through similar experiences. These groups offer opportunities to try different activities, learn new skills or just have some time to talk and share experiences/talk about common issues with other women.

Changing lives videos

Click on the image on the left, or the link below to watch a video about David, find out what it was like for him and his family once they arrived at the refuge, and how they moved on with their lives afterwards.

Click here to view David’s story.


Click on the image on the left, or the link below to watch a video about Maria. Find out how she turned things around with our help, and how women’s aid have become a part of her and her daughters lives.

Click here to view Maria’s story.

Click on the image on the left, or the link below to watch ‘In a Refuge’. Different women talk about their refuge experiences, the friends they’ve made, and the impact it has had on their lives.

Click here to watch ‘In a Refuge’.